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You Can Now Redeem American Airlines Miles for Sports, Concert Tickets — Here's How

You Can Now Redeem American Airlines Miles for Sports, Concert Tickets — Here’s How

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Frequent flyers have a new way of redeeming those hard earned miles.

American Airlines is now offering members the ability to use their miles to buy tickets to sports events, concerts, the theater, and more. The option is available on the AAdvantage Events website, which operates with a Ticketmaster partnership.

“Whether you’re looking for standard event tickets or verified resale tickets, you’ll find them here. You can either earn miles and Loyalty Points or use miles on your purchase,” American shares on the event website. 

Travel + Leisure spotted a wide variety of events available ranging from the MLB’s New York Yankees, WNBA’s Indiana Fever, and concert tickets to The Rolling Stones. 

As an example of the pricing, if someone purchased two tickets to see Disney’s touring production of The Lion King in Houston, Texas the cost would be $254, and customers have the option of earning 192 miles for a cash purchase, or could save cash by redeeming 13,368 miles for the tickets.

The AAdvantage Events platform has the entire inventory of what is available on Ticketmaster for purchase, and the tickets are sold directly from Ticketmaster.  If customers are directly purchasing on the platform, American assures customers they pay the exact same price they would have if they purchased directly on Ticketmaster, but get the special bonus of getting loyalty points. 

“We guarantee the seat you buy is the seat you get. Even if tickets are transferred or resold to you, they are 100% Ticketmaster verified,” the website states. 

The events website allows visitors to select their home city and explore popular events, and even save favorite events for repeat purchases. 

Many airlines offer extra perks or free points when making purchases through e-shopping portals. For example, United Airlines customers can purchase gifts or products through the MileagePlus Shopping portal, and earn airline points on everyday purchases. In addition to the Experiences booking platform, American also offers AAdvantage Dining which provides miles for purchases made at different restaurants.

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