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Wild bears in Romania get a new home as sightings surge

Wild bears in Romania get a new home as sightings surge

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Authorities plan to relocate nearly 30 bears to the Zărnești Sanctuary following a Euronews report on rising bear encounters.


Romanian authorities are moving 30 bears from Transfăgărășan to Zărnești Sanctuary, following a report by Euronews Romania. This comes as the Environment Minister is planning to issue an order or amend the law to address the safety issue of bears being seen too often.

Last year there were over 400 bear sightings in Vidraru-Transfăgărășan and already 120 this year as the tourist season starts. Each sighting means a police intervention, so the situation is getting serious.

In a statement to Euronews the Minister of the Environment said: “We will solve this problem fast” and either an order or a law will be made to allow the relocation.

The relocation will ensure safety for both locals and tourists and the bears will be moved to a protected area where they can live without posing a threat to humans.

Zărnești Sanctuary has the facilities and the staff to welcome the bears.

Watch the full report in the player above to find out more.

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