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Today’s Cache | Samsung announces Unpacked event for Galaxy; Reddit works to thwart web data scraping; OpenAI delays long-awaited Voice Mode

Today’s Cache | Samsung announces Unpacked event for Galaxy; Reddit works to thwart web data scraping; OpenAI delays long-awaited Voice Mode

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Today’s Cache | Samsung announces Unpacked event for Galaxy AI

Today’s Cache | Samsung announces Unpacked event for Galaxy AI
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Samsung announces Unpacked event for Galaxy

Samsung has announced that its next Unpacked event will take place on July 10 in Paris, France. Based on a short video teaser shared by the electronics giant, watchers are expecting updates related to the company’s foldable phones from the Galaxy Z series, as well as hoping for a more conclusive announcement regarding the Galaxy Ring smart health tracker.

However, the star of the event is likely to be AI, or how Samsung will be integrating generative AI technologies into its products and devices. The company itself noted that mobile AI will be a major focus during the event. This comes after Google and Apple both focused on generative AI developments during their own developer events.

Reddit works to thwart web data scraping

Reddit has said it is upgrading its Robots Exclusion Protocol, or robots.txt web standard in order to prevent AI-related scraping of its content without consent or authorisation. The social media forum will also be cracking down on certain user requests and taking measures against suspected bot activity, after there were reports of web content being scraped to power the creation of generative AI tools.

While Reddit has signed licensing agreements with Big Tech companies for sharing its data, the company said that researchers or non-profit users such as Internet Archive will be able to continue using its data for their operations, as these are non-commercial.

OpenAI delays long-awaited advanced Voice Mode

OpenAI is delaying its highly-anticipated advanced Voice Mode feature as some ChatGPT Plus users will be getting it one month later, in July. Other Plus users will get access to it in the fall, triggering some anger and disappointment on X as users claimed they paid for ChatGPT Plus in the hopes of using Voice Mode months earlier. ChatGPT’s advanced Voice Mode can respond through emotions and non-verbal cues, said OpenAI, but the company is working on content moderation for the feature and also scaling it for a large number of users.

On the flip side, OpenAI announced that the ChatGPT desktop app for macOS was available for users, so they could harness the power of generative AI through their desktop instead of a phone app or logging into their accounts through the website.

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