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This Luxury Hotel Has Its Own Yacht — Here's What It's Like Sailing On It

This Luxury Hotel Has Its Own Yacht — Here’s What It’s Like Sailing On It

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This lifestyle luxury group is the gift that keeps on giving.

Shattering the glass ceiling with the highly talked about, award-winning 13th-century Tuscany boutique hotel Borgo Santo Pietro, the eponymous company now extends unrivaled charm and timeless design to Satori, the ultimate yacht experience.

A tender whisks me from the port in Athens, and we’ll soon be approaching the yacht. From a short distance, I see the majestic Satori — or at least I hope I do. We start to slow for disembarkment, and the nautical blue starboard, vintage schooner shape, and vertical spars, standing majestic with the gods give her away. I do an internal backflip. It’s here, aboard this five-star luxury charter,  where I’ll spend the next few nights. 

Stacey Wreathall/Travel + Leisure

I’m greeted with flowing wine and hors d’oeuvres, and I don’t know it yet, but for the next few days, every bite (and sip) I take will make my taste buds dance with the Mediterranean’s brightest and most organically sourced flavors.

As my luggage is taken care of, I’m ushered towards the plush coffee lounge seating area where I meet Claus Thottrup, half of the duo behind the Borgo Santo Pietro Group of lifestyle companies. “C’est Magnifique” by Kay Starr hums in the background, and the rosé feels pleasing on the palate. Claus beams as he tells me passionately about Satori’s air-conditioned wine cellar.

(Side note: You’re invited to indulge in the wine services aboard the yacht, and with an admirable boutique collection of wines selected to complement the impressive meals on board, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason not to indulge. In fact, the cellar stocks biodynamic and sustainably produced wines sourced directly from Borgo Santo Pietro’s estate in Tuscany.)

Claus continues to tell me with pride all about the 12 years of dedication and commitment to creating excellent taste profiles. Before I know it, I’ve finished my rosé, and I’m being handed a glass of pinot noir, another Borgo classic that goes down all too well. 

Within an hour of my arrival, I slip into something more comfortable for sailing and began exploring.

At almost 137 feet in length, there’s ample opportunity for you to feel at home, and meandering through the space is easy. The teak flooring is smooth underfoot, and the flat floors make passing through each facet safe. With 376 square feet of indoor living space, encompassing a library, indoor dining area, and writing desk, you can take full advantage of the quiet moments. The best bit about this ‘indoor’ area is that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the sailing experience — the windows have been designed at sea level to bring expansive 360-degree views to you. In addition, the coffee deck at the stern lets you relax and be social with the wind in your hair. For complete privacy, the bow area offers an additional outdoor lounge. By night, it transforms into the most romantic cinema you’ve ever seen. 

Stacey Wreathall/Travel + Leisure

With five luxury guest rooms including a main suite, Satori can accommodate up to 10 guests. On the other hand, with fewer guests, you can convert a cabin into a private spa facility with a steam room and treatments.

We dropped anchor in the most idyllic spots: Dokos, Hydra, Spetses, and Poros. Unlike other charters, this slimline sailing yacht can schmooze close to the turquoise rock pools and crystal-clear shallow depths. Our first stop was Agine, a picture-perfect lagoon for swimming, jet skis, and getting out the toys. Adrenaline lovers will have endless fun with the range of Seabobs, Kayaks, and Ringos.

Stacey Wreathall/Travel + Leisure

An afternoon of frivolity can work up a serious appetite, and I soon learned that aboard Satori, feeling hungry is a good idea. No matter what time of the day, a meal is never just a plate of food; it’s a labor of love, thought, and execution — and there’s plenty to go around. Guests can expect to eat at the mid-deck dining table with open kitchen views and unobstructed destination scenes.  

Stuart Pearce/Courtesy of Borgo Lifestyle Group

Chefs are trained at Borgo Santo Pietro Saporium, the flagship Tuscany restaurant where authentic flavors and inventive cooking practices are the hallmarks of tantalizing cuisine. Needless to say, we were spoiled with inspired, flavourful dishes. My favorites were the lahmacun (a Middle Eastern flatbread), lobster risotto, and fresh tuna. For specifics, guests are encouraged to communicate preferences with the chef. 

Stacey Wreathall/Travel + Leisure

Co-owners and designers Claus and Jeanette Thottrup made it their mission to capture a truly remarkable dining experience. As part of the Borgo Santo Pietro luxury lifestyle group, the culinary mission is one of great passion for the pair. With two Michelin-starred restaurants, a five-star boutique hotel, and unique guest experiences centered around food and wine, there’s no surprise that gourmet flavors are at the epicenter of a Satori voyage. 

Stuart Pearce/Courtesy of Borgo Lifestyle Group

Overamplifying the grace of Satori’s understated elegance and uncompromised comfort would ordinarily feel too much. But I catch a glimpse of myself in the glossy mahogany exterior, and amidst the deep diagonal layers of rich brown tones, I can see that Satori has gotten under my skin. Living up to her namesake meaning “instant enlightenment,” I feel relaxed and at peace. Maybe it’s the idea of traveling back in time?

This hand-carved wooden schooner gives all the vintage feels, as the inside decor illuminates the refined characteristics and prosperity of the 1920s and 1930s. The emphasis on clean lines, smooth round corners, and nature-inspired neutrals reflect a contemporary interpretation of Streamline Moderne. With orthopedic mattresses, sepia-tinted marble en-suite bathrooms, and technology-forward devices in every room, the old and new design elements merge unprecedentedly for a world-class sailing experience. I’m beginning to think that Satori’s unique narrative is what sailing dreams are made of.

Stuart Pearce/Courtesy of Borgo Lifestyle Group

The Genoa sail is out as we glide towards the island of Hydra. Island hopping and exploring untouched remnants of history are foremost on the itinerary. Of course, you can shape it to your liking, but for now, I felt like an Iconic star of the 1930s, taking in my first quintessential Greek experience.

A picturesque landscape that has seduced many with its stone mansions, brightly colored neighborhoods, and fairy-lit harbor is what you can expect from this island.  For us, getting lost in narrow alleys and visiting art museums is first on the agenda. Musing over the pleasant temperature came second. “This is shoulder season? It’s perfect!” was the working title. Zero crowds and T-shirt weather make October in Greece a hot commodity — some might say it’s the new July.  

Satori offers multiple sailing destinations, and guests can pick from a Mediterranean menu of beautiful places. Itineraries for Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, France (Corsica) can be found here. Satori sails between June through October. Booking in advance is recommended to secure dates for that eagerly awaited romantic getaway or family adventure. 

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