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These Are the Best Cities in the World for Expat Families in 2024

These Are the Best Cities in the World for Expat Families in 2024

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An estimated 9 million Americans live abroad, finding new places to call home all over the world. If you’re thinking of becoming one of them, Italki, a language-learning app, has a few locations for you to consider. 

The company released its list of the best cities for expat families, specifically considering which cities around the world offer best-in-class safety and education, along with things to do, cost of living, and maternity leave policies. After looking at all this information, the team named Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, the top city in the world for expat families. 

The team wrote in its findings about the city: “It boasts 32.8 things to do per 10,000 people, translating to an impressive 1,833 activities overall to keep everyone entertained. From exploring historic castles to strolling through charming gardens, Edinburgh promises endless opportunities for family bonding.” 

Additionally, Italki wrote that Edinburgh also offers “more paid maternity leave than any other location, at a generous 39 weeks. Plus, with a high quality of life index score (187.7), you can be sure your family will be thriving in this vibrant city.” 

Joining Edinburgh as a top destination for expat families to consider is Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which came in second.

“The city ranks highly when it comes to safety in particular, with a safety index score of 71.6. Not only will you feel secure, but Amsterdam also offers an even better quality of life score than Edinburgh (198.4),” the findings stated. “Education is another big win for Amsterdam, ranking third in the world. This makes it a particularly attractive location for families with school-aged children, setting them up to receive a world-class education.” 

Rounding out the top 10 spots are Seville, Spain, in third; Helsinki, Finland; Copenhagen; Munich; Madrid; Vienna; Manchester, United Kingdom; and Oslo. 

Beyond offering a list of top spots, Italki also offered a few suggestions for how to make the transition abroad feel a little more seamless, including involving kids in the planning process, connecting with other expats before you move over social media, learning the history of your new home, and, of course, learning the language.

See more of their advice and more on the rankings at italki.com

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