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New Pro-Trump Super PAC Quietly Spends Millions on GOP Ground Game

New Pro-Trump Super PAC Quietly Spends Millions on GOP Ground Game

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Republicans have quietly formed a new super PAC that is preparing what appears to be a significant push to persuade former President Donald J. Trump’s voters to vote early or by absentee ballot.

The group, America PAC, was created last month and remains fairly secretive. But over the last two weeks, it has spent $6.6 million on behalf of Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, according to public filings, vaulting it suddenly into the top tier of pro-Trump outside groups in the general election.

On its little-publicized website, the group is collecting voters’ information and encouraging them to register to vote, to request an absentee or mail ballot, or to pledge to vote, calling the race “the most consequential election of our lifetime.”

People who enter their ZIP code are directed to the form on an official state election website where they can complete their voter-registration forms. Voters who put in their information for an absentee ballot are assured that they will be sent more information shortly. And those who pledge to vote are informed that the super PAC will “stay in touch” with them.

“Register to vote,” reads the website. “Make a plan to vote early in person or by mail. Vote and have your say if America can be a land of freedom and opportunity for all. We can have the greatest election victory in America’s history when you vote!”

The marketing materials may be primitive, but the size of the expenditures suggests that the group probably has eight figures’ worth of funding. Over the last few months, since Mr. Trump secured the Republican nomination, several new super PACs have sprouted up to try to support his operation.

In recent days, America PAC has uploaded a 15-second video of Mr. Trump to its nascent social media accounts, in which he encourages absentee voting, early voting and making a plan for Election Day.

Railing baselessly against election fraud, Mr. Trump largely dissuaded friendly voters from casting their ballots before Election Day in 2020, giving Democrats a strategic advantage. Now, however, many Republicans have learned from that election and are seeking to catch up with Democratic-aligned groups. (Mr. Trump has sent mixed messages, encouraging Republican voters to cast ballots early or by mail, but still at times warning about possible fraud.)

America PAC was formed last month by Chris Gober, a prominent Republican campaign-finance lawyer based in Texas. He did not respond to a request for comment.

The group has so far made payments to two conservative vendors:

  • About $6 million for “canvassing/field operations” to In Field Strategies, a large Republican grass-roots operation that has been paid by the Republican National Committee and, more recently, the presidential campaigns of two of Mr. Trump’s rivals in the G.O.P. primary race, former Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Nikki Haley of South Carolina

  • And about $650,000 to Raconteur Media, a digital marketing firm that has primarily worked for conservative clients in Texas and has been paid for printing and text messaging services.

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