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Israel-Hezbollah: Drone videos and shady reports | Gaza

Israel-Hezbollah: Drone videos and shady reports | Gaza

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With all the news coming out of Gaza, it has been easy to overlook the low-level war that Israel has been waging with Hezbollah, the paramilitary and political group in next-door Lebanon. But recently, both sides have been ratcheting up the rhetoric – and this bodes badly for the prospects for regional peace.

Joseph Daher – Author, Hezbollah: The Political Economy of  Lebanon’s Party of God
Jad Melki – Associate professor of journalism and media studies, Lebanese American University
Dan Perry – Former Middle East editor, The Associated Press
Nomi Bar Yaacov – International negotiator, Chatham House

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has finally been freed from prison and is back home in Australia with friends and family. However, as producer Johanna Hoes explains, the case against him still has some scary implications for journalists the world over.

Who are Led By Donkeys?

After years of economic turmoil following Brexit, a calamitous response to COVID-19, and a constant stream of news about government corruption and ineptitude, many British voters have lost faith in the entire political class.

One guerrilla campaign group that has captured the public mood is Led By Donkeys. The Listening Post sat down with three of the co-founders to find out what motivates the group and how gaps left open by the British media have helped make the collective so successful.


Oliver Knowles – Co-founder, Led By Donkeys
James Sadri – Co-founder, Led By Donkeys
Ben Stewart – Co-founder, Led By Donkeys

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