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How was the cloud market primed for growth? | The Interface podcast - Episode 3

How was the cloud market primed for growth? | The Interface podcast – Episode 3

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Imagine prompting ChatGPT with a query about the nature of the cosmos. Your prompt will travel digitally to a virtual machine that will leverage the bot’s vast training data, hosted in a data centre, euphemistically called the Cloud. With that input, ChatGPT will generate a response for you.

And all of this happens within seconds. Thanks to the powerful and ever-improving GPUs, the cloud enables fast computation and low latency. Within two decades, the industry has revolutionised the way data is stored, organised, analysed and accessed. Data centres are now altering the way work is organised and done. 

While the cloud has helped businesses make their operations more efficient, it has also left behind noxious exhaust emissions and carbon footprints. Cloud services use massive amounts of electricity for powering servers, cooling systems, and other infrastructure. And much of this energy still comes from fossil fuel sources, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. 

Joining me to discuss the evolution of data centres, cloud business model, and the future of cloud computing is the Founder and CEO of CloudThat, Bhavesh Goswami.

Host: John Xavier, Technology Editor, The Hindu

Produced by Jude Francis Weston

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