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Help Hurricane Beryl Relief Efforts by Donating to These Organizations

Help Hurricane Beryl Relief Efforts by Donating to These Organizations

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Hurricane Beryl has been wreaking havoc in the Caribbean since Monday. It first made landfall on Grenada’s island of Carriacou as a Category 4 storm. The system grew into a Category 5 as it ravaged through the eastern Caribbean, devastating the region with at least seven deaths, Reuters reported

As of press time, Beryl is heading toward Jamaica, while the Cayman Islands, Belize, and the Yucatan Peninsula are also in its potential path. The western Gulf Coast, from Texas to Mexico, is also under possible threat in coming days, The Weather Channel said.

Cruises through the eastern Caribbean have been rerouted and several airports have been closed.

Cries for help have been coming from areas Hurricane Beryl has passed through, including desperate pleas from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which tragically suffered at least four deaths, The Guardian reported. One resident of the nation’s Union Island told The BBC: “Almost the whole island is homeless.”

While Hurricane Beryl continues to barrel through the region, here are organizations you can contribute to that are helping with the relief and recovery efforts.

Direct Relief

Humanitarian aid organization Direct Relief Is welcoming donations to its Hurricane Beryl Response. Select the fund from the drop-down menu after the donation amount at donate.directrelief.org.

Global Empowerment Mission

This organization, which was first formed for the 2010 Haiti earthquake, is committed to delivering the most aid to the most people in need — as quickly as possible. Contribute to its Hurricane Beryl fund at globalempowermentmission.org.

Save the Children

The organization dedicated to helping children who are especially vulnerable in crises like these has been providing updates and safety tips on Hurricane Beryl. It notes that children in Haiti are particularly vulnerable this hurricane season since half of the 578,000 displaced because of armed groups are children — and the hurricane has yet to strike. Donations can be made at savethechildren.org.

United Nations World Food Program

With Beryl being one of the earliest hurricanes on record, the United Nations’ World Food Program has put out a call for donations to anticipate needs in the coming days. “When disaster strikes, we can deliver food in a matter of hours to reach survivors,” the organization said on its site. “Please give now to support our emergency response.” Donate at secure.wfpusa.org.

World Central Kitchen

Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen’s relief team is already getting to work in the Caribbean, mobilizing to the front lines to provide meals to the islands hardest hit by Hurricane Beryl. The organization is asking for donations to help provide fresh meals to the victims by donating at donate.wck.org.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is looking ahead, especially with parts of the U.S. potentially feeling the hurricane’s effects next week. Donations can be made at redcross.org by going to the “I Want to Support” menu and selecting “Disaster Relief.” Separately, the Canadian Red Cross has also launched a Hurricane Beryl Appeal

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