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Are companies adapting to AI well enough? | The Interface podcast - Episode 2

Are companies adapting to AI well enough? | The Interface podcast – Episode 2

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In the last four centuries, corporations have used innovative tools and advanced technologies to build products that transformed societies. Thanks to globalisation, some transnational corporations today are larger than many nation-states. But how are these large enterprises approaching the current wave of artificial intelligence?

That’s the question I will be exploring with my guest Dr. Gopichand Katragadda, the President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Founder of Myelin Foundry, a deep tech start up. Previously, he was the Group Chief Technology Office of Tata Sons where he spearheaded innovation across the $100 billion conglomerate. Before his stint at TATA, Dr. Gopi led General Electric’s Technology Centre that built several innovative products.

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Host: John Xavier, Technology Editor, The Hindu

Produced by Sharmada Venkatasubramanian

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